Saturday, 5 May 2012

Task #3 - Go To a Live Fashion Show

You are cordially invited to:
Malaga Fashion Week 2012

The perks of having a fashion design student as your roommate is that quite often if they hear about awesome fashion events you will too! My roommate and her class organized to go and see the opening of Malaga Fashion Week and I tagged along.

As my first fashion show experience it was pretty cool! For starters, we were VIP - meaning free champagne, fancy food, got to mingle amongst Spanish celebs like "Miss Spain" and got to see a very interesting, but more importantly LIVE fashion show!

Miss Spain walking the runway

 My roommate and I at Fashion Week!

One of the dancers/models

It was incredible. Everything a fashion show was meant to be, loud music, crazy hairstyles, very skinny models, A LOT of gay men, and outrageous fashion. It was worth it! 

I had it on my bucket list, and I honestly thought it would be one of the last things I would be able to accomplish, but believe it or not it was my third task that I completed. So only about a bajillion more goals to achieve and I'll be done.

Keep checking in for updates :)

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