Saturday, 30 June 2012

Task #7 - Go to a Drive-In

I think it's safe to say that most people adore that "Grease" era - the 50s. A time where dates didn't consist of dinner following a movie, but actually where dinner was eaten in front of a movie being projected at the drive-in.

It's cute and classic so I had it on my bucket list just to experience something that wasn't typical from my generation. In Johannesburg there is a drive-in called Velskoen Drive-In and unfortunately it is shutting down and moving elsewhere. So we had to race to go and see the final showings. It was pretty cool, being able to stay in the comfort of your own car, eat as much food as you want, play on the playground (which I didn't do but it was an option) and tune in to a frequency to listen to the film being shown.

 I had so much fun and it was such an experience. It's sad to think that in 20 years time there will probably be no more drive-ins to visit!

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