Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Task #10 - Swim With Sharks

This task, I thought, was never going to get accomplished because my mother would never allow me to dive with a predator around. However, this time she willingly allowed me to do so as it was in a controlled environment :)

So, on a recent trip down to Cape Town I went diving in the Aquarium with five ragged-tooth sharks, also known as gray nurse sharks. There has never been any fatal attacks on humans from these sharks, but there have been attacks.... I went into the tank with only the dive master and got to spend 30 minutes with the sharks, as well as stingrays, turtles, and a whole bunch of fish! It was awesome!

The dive master allowed the sharks to come super close to me, I think at one point, one shark was only 15cm away from my head. It was a little bit nerve-wracking but it was such an amazing experience......

I'm so excited I managed to get this one checked off my bucket list, and so far it has been my favourite experience..... <3

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