Friday, 10 January 2014

Task #15 - Visit Lalibela's Churches

According to UNESCO, Lalibela Ethiopia should be visited as soon as possible because the sun and weather is slowly starting to disintegrate the churches. I spent New Years 2013 there with my family and it was such an inspiring trip. We met so many friendly people along the way. Ethiopia is a very proud, religious country and we were fortunate enough to be included in some celebrations in the lead up to Christmas. They were so exciting and I felt very honoured to be included in them.

Ethiopia is famous for coffee so I tried to see if I could make some - Ethiopian style. It was fun and very specific about the steps needed to be taken before serving the coffee.

 We met a lot of wonderful people along the way, including these two girls who ran to the van we were in to say hi!

 This woman had never seen her photo before, so she gave me a big kiss and hug when she saw it!

I tried my hand at drumming, which is done during most celebrations.

Here are some of the churches, the most famous one is St George's (left). King Lalibela built them into the ground and carved them out, taken a very long process. His churches are breath taking! I would highly recommend to anyone to visit this place ASAP.

 It was a pure joy to experience this beautiful, vibrant, and diverse country. Hopefully, I'll be back to visit soon!

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