Thursday, 10 July 2014

Task #18 - Swim with a Great White Shark

Well... this experience was simply unreal!!!! Four of my girlfriends and I travelled to Cape Town and while we were there we went shark cage diving in False Bay! We woke up at 5:30am and made our way to Simon's Town where we met the crew of African Shark Eco Charters. This company is awesome! We headed straight out to Seal Island to see if any sharks were breaching, but unfortunately no luck. Then as soon as we put the cage in the water, one MASSIVE shark turned up! That was the first great white I had ever seen and it definitely made my heart beat a little faster.

Myself and two of my friends; Annette & Signe got in the cage first. The water was surprisingly warm and the first shark we saw was breath taking. We were less than a meter away from a 5m great white shark! It is a moment I will never forget. Then as we were waiting with our heads above the water for another shark to swim around, one jumped onto the cage! Needless to say, we all screamed! But it was awesome!

I was lucky enough to go in again with my other two friends, Fjola & Lotte. This time we actually saw one open its mouth to grab the bait, so that was kind of cool! It was a phenomenal morning and I would happily do it again with the same company. All the crew members were helpful and super knowledgable about sharks! We also were able to breath through scuba lines, so we could sink to the bottom of the cage and watch the sharks. In total we saw eight different great whites of which they were all between four and five meters in length! Awesome Morning!

Annette & I before the dive!

Signe, Annette, & I in the cage!

That's a shark!

Our underwater camera managed to get a few photos before the battery died!

Great day that gave us all the best experience and memory of our lives!
Thank you African Shark Eco Charters!

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