Friday, 26 December 2014

Task #19 - Graduate College!

Sorry I haven't updated anything in a while but I was a little busy working on my final project because I graduated. Last week actually. I studied Interior Architecture at the Marbella Design Academy for three years, and now it's done. For the past year I was working on my Final Project which was a Safari Lodge and Spa. You can check out the 3D work for the project here:
My exhibition on the right.

Then graduation was the week after! Both my parents and my boyfriend flew up to celebrate and it was a super fun party! We had an exhibition set up and then I was called on stage and given my diploma! Crazy, right? Adulthood - boom! 
My classmates and I after our presentations

My classmates, professor, and I after graduation

Hopefully now I will have a little more time to blog, travel, and get some things checked off my ever growing list. Thanks to Pinterest I keep discovering places daily that I want to visit.... This list is getting longer and longer....

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